What if you had to accept and love the Devil…

In order to truly stand in God’s presence?!

We are suppose to love and accept thy enemy; not deny him.

Do you love God enough to love the Devil?!

Don’t confuse love with choosing.

Always choose God!

But what if, this is where we have failed in the past?!

By fearing, denying, and running.

Love and kindness are God’s greatest weapons.

There is strength and unity in all things “good”.

The closer to God

You get; the more the Devil plagues you…

Could this have influenced our religious beliefs, scripts, saints, angels, etc?!

Could we have been following the wrong “word”?!

Have we intentionally been mislead?!

If so, was it done maliciously?!

Or to protect someone or something?!

Dark Angels…

To serve the wrath of God!

God has been waiting…

See The Devil gets you when he makes you feel unworthy of God.

But, Make no mistake…

God makes no mistakes!

You are perfect just the way you are!

It’s just some have chosen the wrong side…

It’s never too late.

God wants every single one of his children.

“Perfectly Imperfect!”

Are the divine envious of mere mortals??

What if God created us and gave us free will, so we could have what the Divine does not?!

Humans were created with emotions and a time limit.

Most people see this as a weakness, but it is our greatest strength!

Pain makes us human!

A limited time gives us courage!

And God gives us strength!

You have to know thy enemy…

You can not defeat what you do not fully understand.

I believe this may be where we failed in the past.

Being afraid of coming so close to evil and becoming it.

But God’s people shall not fear.

For You are protected here!

And so the 200,000 shall RISE…

Against all odds, with GOD on their sides, they will be victorious!

They say only the truest of true shall remain.

Does this mean what I think it does?!

Does this mean no prisoners, no one comes out alive?!

Does this mean that God’s chosen people have to be so good that they make being bad look easy?!

Maybe some day we will find out…

Only God knows.

What if we ascended…

What if we already have everything inside of us that we need for all levels of life?

What if death in this life equates to leveling up or down in the next?!

With each level up we become this force to be reckoned with.

Each time we transition we become more in tune with ourselves on a level we never fathomed before.

What if life really is like some crazy video game?!

#ascending #levelup #awakened

Evolution vs God

What if it’s not vs but one in the same?!

Hear me out…

Every person is a part of the process of evolution. That’s a given.

But what if as we evolved; God our creator, played his part from the sidelines.

As we evolved we could hear his words, feel his presence, but we tuned him out just like we do our parents as we age.

So a part of our evolving was closing off the parts of our minds that allowed his voice and presence to ring clear in our worlds?

And as we awaken, it’s a stern voice that rings clear and loudly.

As we age he gives us free will to choose…

Will you choose to listen?!

#evolution #god #notversus #oneinthesame


Our self guided tour to other-worldly things…

Within the quieted mind, the universe speaks.

A magical experience all within ourselves.

Everyone seeks something different during meditation.

Peace, healing, silence, and balance; between body, mind, and soul.

What do you seek on your journey?!

#meditation #other-wordly #balance #soul

God Vs Science

#God #Science

In certain religious beliefs Science is respected and followed.

But is there room for God in Science?

Does it simply blend?

Both equally as important?

Do we value the teachings of Man more than God?

Or do we simply have Man’s teachings because of God?

Is Science our new religion?

Dr. Stephen Unwin calculated there is a 67% chance that God exists using a 200yr old formula.

What are your thoughts?!