A Nature Religion

Shinto the primary religion in Japan.

Having a belief that people are inherently Good.

Evil spirits are the ones that do/cause harm.

How beautiful it must be to live in a world where Good is winning!

I’d like to know more about their rituals to ward off evil spirits and for purification.


I think the answers we seek can be found in Hinduism…

The all encompassing.

God has taken many forms over the centuries.

Never to stray too far from his creations.

In these forms he has taken many names.

Each resembling certain answers or quests.

“Our eternal Guide”

In the end there is only One True God, but many representations.

And depending on who you ask, the answer differs greatly.

What if…

In order to heal; you needed to collect all of the pieces taken from you, back from their collectors.

In order to understand; you needed their stories!

In order to hear; you needed the unspoken words, the half truths untold.

In order to see; you needed to blind them with your truth.

In order to feel; you needed them to feel every inch of your pain.

In order to breathe; you needed to die and be reborn.

In order to regain purity; you needed to give birth to their lies.

In order to be loved; you needed to be hated.

There was a 13th tribe…

Why has history and literature forgotten them?!

How and who?

The Guardians must be remembered!

They may have been erased, but they will never be forgotten.

Imagine a group so powerful; feared by the other tribes.

They needed to erase them from our history, distort reality, and claim credit to all of their work.

Shameful. How easily the people can be misled.

The “grey” area

Is where they dwell…

The Dark Angels!!

The warriors…

The perfect blend of dark and light/good and evil?!

❤️ Yin Yang

What if you had to accept and love the Devil…

In order to truly stand in God’s presence?!

We are suppose to love and accept thy enemy; not deny him.

Do you love God enough to love the Devil?!

Don’t confuse love with choosing.

Always choose God!

But what if, this is where we have failed in the past?!

By fearing, denying, and running.

Love and kindness are God’s greatest weapons.

There is strength and unity in all things “good”.

The closer to God

You get; the more the Devil plagues you…

Could this have influenced our religious beliefs, scripts, saints, angels, etc?!

Could we have been following the wrong “word”?!

Have we intentionally been mislead?!

If so, was it done maliciously?!

Or to protect someone or something?!

Dark Angels…

To serve the wrath of God!

God has been waiting…

See The Devil gets you when he makes you feel unworthy of God.

But, Make no mistake…

God makes no mistakes!

You are perfect just the way you are!

It’s just some have chosen the wrong side…

It’s never too late.

God wants every single one of his children.

“Perfectly Imperfect!”

Are the divine envious of mere mortals??

What if God created us and gave us free will, so we could have what the Divine does not?!

Humans were created with emotions and a time limit.

Most people see this as a weakness, but it is our greatest strength!

Pain makes us human!

A limited time gives us courage!

And God gives us strength!