Is the word/name God; open to misinterpretation?

I’ve only ever thought of one true God, but is the name misleading for some?

Dependent upon who you speak to; will the answer always be different?

I believe the definition is a supreme being. One who is extremely knowledgeable, powerful, and good.

When I speak of God, I know whom I am speaking of, but is it different for you?

The Afterlife

Are we reborn? #reincarnation

Is there a waiting area?

What about Heaven and Hell? Is it automatic?

Do we wait and rise again for Judgement Day?

Do we need riches to pay the gatekeeper?

Is it nothingness?

Are we in a simulation?

Do we transport to another universe/world?

How deeply do our roots/beliefs affect our placement?

Why does almost everyone, including atheists, agree on life after death?

There must be some truth in all statements.

So many people with near death experiences can’t be wrong, right?

Whatever your beliefs may be; I hope you find comfort in them.

What are your 💭

The Secrets Behind Scientology

Is man capable of much more than we think we are?!

Why can’t we envision those capabilities?

Do we really limit ourselves and our beliefs?

What are these new states of awareness?

If we simplified an overly complex world; would we find our solutions?

I do believe in assessing one’s own trauma to find the root causes of behaviors.

A lot of what is rooted in their belief system; I would state I do agree with.

But why all the secrets?

To protect from the spread of misinformation?

Do some call it a cult based off of their exclusivity?

The things to ponder 🤔

My guess would be it’s an “invite” only type of Church.

Does social status and class matter that much to those who claim their enlightenment assists them in seeing past the material realm?

Or would you say outsiders are misguided?


The Church of Euthanasia may not have a church anymore but is still considered an anti-human religion.

Now I remain open-minded and the slogan speaks volumes.

This must have been a radical marketing strategy in the 90’s.

The ideology behind it makes sense.

Humans have been destroying our planet in so many ways.

The Slogans though. WOW!

I’m sure they would appreciate the decline in birth rate we are currently experiencing.

I also suppose tackling absurdity with absurdity is definitely the way to make your point.

Am I the only one that was not aware of this anti-human religion?

The Science behind…

Looking up while praying.

Now I’m not a medical professional or Scientist, but I believe we may access a different part of our brain.

Sound crazy?!

Maybe it’s just me and my wildly unfounded opinions, but I think I may be onto something.

Just like our eyes go to the right or left while telling the truth or a lie.

We look up for answers…

Hmmm 🤔

Thoughts 💭?!?


It’s not a “no” or “can’t”.

It’s simply Gods redirection.

As I mourn the old me, my old dreams and aspirations; I am reminded that the new me awaits.

Sometimes what we have planned cannot simply be.

Sometimes what we want is just not what we need.

As the tears began to fall, so did the rain.

And yet again, I am reminded.

I’m grateful!

I could wallow in my pity or simply be grateful for the opportunity to meet the “new” me.

It’s time…

“If you only knew my story.”

God is miraculous!

And so it shall begin, a new “journey”.

My body, my temple

Do you treat your body as your temple?!

Would you consider it a sin otherwise?

What regimens or ideologies do you have in respect to your body?

Are tattoos a sin?

Body modifications?

Over or under eating?

What about pharmaceuticals?

How does your religious beliefs play a role in your regard for your body?

What are your do’s and dont’s?


Do you use meditation for silence or to escape to other lands?

I’ve heard conflicting information.

From my understanding, meditation is for silence and peace.

But I’ve often used it as a way to travel.

Do you have a certain place in mind that automatically brings you peace and happiness that you picture?

Do some picture an abyss?

I’ve always been curious what it is that others use meditation for.

How does it work for you?


What spiritual significance does fasting have for you?!

Along my journey, being a bit more mindful of my consumption of food seems to have pointed me in the right direction.

Having more control over my mind and body allows me to reach levels I never thought possible.

Not to mention the detoxing effects.

In your religious beliefs; what significance does fasting have for you?

Does forgetting the needs of our mortal bodies, allow us to open our souls to otherworldly things?

Church Vs State

#prochoice #newstoday

What if any involvement should the government have in our beliefs, bodies, and personal choices?

When it comes to Our Bodies Our Rights; do we follow the laws of the land or the church?

How extensively do your religious beliefs play in your decision making regarding your life and body?!

What happened to the separation between the two?

Where is the line?


The non-religion deemed a religion…

Simply, but complicatedly put, it is the belief in the non existence of a God or Gods.

Is this the realistic ideation in our modern society?

One thing not explained or statistics I did not encounter; were the explanations for other beliefs if any.

Is this a case where evolution plays a role?

More science based then religion?

Or is it to simply exist without the need to create a higher power or purpose?!


Finding one “unifying” source to unite us all.


Originally founded in Iran or parts of the Middle East, with 5-8million followers.

Faced ongoing persecution, but why?!

Because it was founded by man?

There is definitely some similarities between this and other religions, right?

Educate me please

Please give me those references when it comes to:


Light vs Dark




Way of living

All beliefs welcomed!