Can we agree on Jesus?!

The world’s dominating religion is Christianity.

Why is that?!

Is it the fundamentals of Christianity that seem to entice others?

Is Christianity our common ground?

With so many versions…

Filled with God’s only son, Angels, Demons, the Devil, and Saints.

Christianity seems to be the universal faith.

So many can not be wrong, right?!

I know it once was a way to control the masses pushed on us by the government, but since we have rejected the agenda and now are free to decide; what keeps us turning to God even in times like this?

Simply put, Faith!

We must have faith in something much larger than ourselves.

The fulfillment received by believing far out weighs the naysayers…

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Micah 5:2

“Micah describes God’s coming judgment on Israel, but it also outlines God’s promise to be merciful and restore his people to the land. Micah announces God’s judgment against Israel.”

“But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times.”

Who is a bit more familiar with the Bible?

The ruler of Israel, has come to pass, or has yet to be? Is this a reference to Jesus Christ?

Has God already passed his judgment on Israel or has this yet to come?

When God speaks of restoring his people; this is referring to the “End of Times” correct?

Anyone well versed?


Is Spirituality a Mental Illness?

By Scientific standards, would that be a yes?

Do some believe it truly is just a distorted social construct made to enslave the masses?

Do some or all of religious beliefs fit in the mold of psychiatric disorders?

Would it be considered brain washing of the masses?!


Measuring success

Where do you begin?

Is it a constant, never-ending, quest?

Do you simply set a goal and achieve it, then voila?

Do you measure your success on a spiritual level?

Do you measure your success with personal growth and transformation?

Do you need your success acknowledged from others?

How is success truly measured from one person to another?!

Our minds hold the key to our evolution

Interestingly enough, I was recently introduced to the hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s teachings.

I have to say, I’ve been stating/claiming some of the things she has allegedly proven to be true for quite some time now.

Now I haven’t gone deep into the wormhole yet, but hypnotherapy must be as controversial as it seems.

Is it open to misinterpretation?

Letting someone into our minds is startling.

In the wrong hands, can you imagine?

There has always been conspiracy theories about the government hypnotizing the masses through our television, news outlets, social media, our military, etc.

But what if it were true?!

If the right person were to get ahold of you and your mind; they could make you deranged.

With permission or not, the right person, could convince you of anything.

The possibilities would be endless and the results would be catastrophic.

What role would religion play in hypnotherapy?

Would religion even be considered a part of hypnosis of the masses?


Fairies 🧚‍♂️

They claimed “God allowed them to appear in times of great ignorance to convince people of the existence of an invisible world.” (Grunge)

In historical times, they would appear at a child’s birth to decide their fate.

The Christian Church supported the idea of Fairies to prove that God exists.

At one point The Church depicted them as Fallen Angels.

Did you know that even Scientists claimed that just because they can’t explain their existence, does not mean they don’t.

Depending on who you speak with, in our history, they were thought of as, “not bad enough for Hell, but not good enough for Heaven.”

Some cultures even feared them. They were depicted as mischievous creatures capable of cursing individuals.

There must be some truth to statements and observations made by so many throughout time.

How interesting would our World be if we continued to find magic in everything around us?


From what I understand, it is embracing a person’s true nature without pushing external judgments or preconceived moral notions.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where a person is embraced and accepted AS THEY ARE?!

But my question is what happens when that person was negatively influenced since childhood?

What happens when their nature goes against their own internal moral compass?

I’ve heard different ideas about Satan worshipping and not acknowledging a higher power period.

Which is it?

Atheistic or theistic?

People have always feared what they do not understand.

Is it just a label for a group deviating against Christianity?

Do the extremists give it a bad name?

Genuinely curious, if you claim Satanism, what are your personal beliefs and/or rituals?


Set with a purpose…

Considered “demons” on Earth or another plane.

Can live for thousands of years compared to a mere hundred if you’re lucky as a human.

They have a leader or did, I should clarify.

Why are they so scary?

Do they “curse” certain families or people?

In other religions are they simply called Demons or something else?

Does their lifespan end when they have fulfilled their mission?

Definitely quite interesting 🤔

Garden of Eden

Is it heaven or a place on Earth?!

I would have to say it is a place on Earth.

That many have searched for but seemed to have failed in their quest.

Or have they?

Why protect something or fight for it if you claim it doesn’t exist on Earth or the location is unknown?

The tree of immortality still standing.

The Earth dying and war stricken around it.

Guarded by the last remaining original people.

Who would they be called?

What ancient dialect do they still speak?

Or so I would imagine…


Is the word/name God; open to misinterpretation?

I’ve only ever thought of one true God, but is the name misleading for some?

Dependent upon who you speak to; will the answer always be different?

I believe the definition is a supreme being. One who is extremely knowledgeable, powerful, and good.

When I speak of God, I know whom I am speaking of, but is it different for you?

The Afterlife

Are we reborn? #reincarnation

Is there a waiting area?

What about Heaven and Hell? Is it automatic?

Do we wait and rise again for Judgement Day?

Do we need riches to pay the gatekeeper?

Is it nothingness?

Are we in a simulation?

Do we transport to another universe/world?

How deeply do our roots/beliefs affect our placement?

Why does almost everyone, including atheists, agree on life after death?

There must be some truth in all statements.

So many people with near death experiences can’t be wrong, right?

Whatever your beliefs may be; I hope you find comfort in them.

What are your 💭