Is America really founded on the Christian “God”?!

Or did Satanism come to America with the original 13 colonies?

Think about it. Does the Christian God, “In God We Trust” really belong next to the Illuminati symbol on our money?!?!

I don’t think Christians understand that “God” means different things to different people. Respectfully, I only ever thought of One God before doing some research.

Also, I recently read about the Satanic Panic, and all the unfounded claims of ritualistic abuse, symbols, exploitation of children, and acts of physical violence without evidence.

But if our roots, our governing body, the corruption in our Society went much deeper than what the average person even dreamt of, could this “Panic” run much deeper than we thought as well?!?

It’s quite convenient that for a given period in our history, all of these children shared similar stories with no other similarities between them.

How our law enforcement, FBI, etc we’re involved and no real evidence was found?!?!

All stories are founded in some truth.

But was the truth ever really embraced?

Or swept under the rug by someone or something much larger than the average American?

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  1. Dude I like your blog. This. So much this.


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