Would you believe the Windigo is full?!

I have stumbled across a mythical creature I can’t seem to shake…

But, contrary to popular belief it didn’t appear as the starving horned creature it has been depicted to be.

It was actually a handsome older man, a leader of some sorts, that aged backwards into this mythical creature.

Well in my dream that is!

Could it be that with all of the depravity in todays society; even the mythical Windigo is full?

Or is it some other creature and my imagination has gotten the best of me.

According to belief, once you’ve seen it, the possession has already started.

If you believe in that sort of thing I suppose.

Is it possible there are mythical creatures?

Do the Native Americans have it right?

All things seem to be rooted in some truth.

Psychiatry even coined the term “Windigo Psychosis”.

Is there anyone that believes in the mystic mythical creatures so deeply rooted in our “other than Christianity” belief systems?!

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