Our minds hold the key to our evolution

Interestingly enough, I was recently introduced to the hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s teachings.

I have to say, I’ve been stating/claiming some of the things she has allegedly proven to be true for quite some time now.

Now I haven’t gone deep into the wormhole yet, but hypnotherapy must be as controversial as it seems.

Is it open to misinterpretation?

Letting someone into our minds is startling.

In the wrong hands, can you imagine?

There has always been conspiracy theories about the government hypnotizing the masses through our television, news outlets, social media, our military, etc.

But what if it were true?!

If the right person were to get ahold of you and your mind; they could make you deranged.

With permission or not, the right person, could convince you of anything.

The possibilities would be endless and the results would be catastrophic.

What role would religion play in hypnotherapy?

Would religion even be considered a part of hypnosis of the masses?


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