The Secrets Behind Scientology

Is man capable of much more than we think we are?!

Why can’t we envision those capabilities?

Do we really limit ourselves and our beliefs?

What are these new states of awareness?

If we simplified an overly complex world; would we find our solutions?

I do believe in assessing one’s own trauma to find the root causes of behaviors.

A lot of what is rooted in their belief system; I would state I do agree with.

But why all the secrets?

To protect from the spread of misinformation?

Do some call it a cult based off of their exclusivity?

The things to ponder 🤔

My guess would be it’s an “invite” only type of Church.

Does social status and class matter that much to those who claim their enlightenment assists them in seeing past the material realm?

Or would you say outsiders are misguided?

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