Variations of Christianity

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With over 45,000 denominations of Christianity world-wide; can we determine when, where, and why the separation began?

Is it the age-old-tale of just a difference of opinions?

Are some of these opinions, facts?

Do we base our ideology off of the Churches teachings, or simply The Bible?

Should our focus be on the major mainstream denominations or a combination?

As a Christian, how do you choose?

Are Churches corrupt?

Which version of the Bible is most accurate?

The New Testament acknowledges a God quite different than the Old Testament.

We are suppose to follow The Laws of The Land, but with things ever so changing, do we blindly follow?

Even if those Laws directly go against your Christian beliefs?

The line is quickly blurring…

Can we unite simply as Christians, acknowledging One True God?

Can you imagine what 2.38 billion people can do, if they work together?!


  1. jim- says:

    Can we unite simply as Christians, acknowledging One True God?
    The answer is no. Now, with the word god there is nothing to which it refers, so each man can create his own image of that for which there is no reference. That is why we see, inside those 45,000 different sects about 2.3billion sub sects.
    One thing every Christian is absolutely correct about—is everyone else is doing it wrong…+1.


    1. That is definitely one way to look at it. I respect your input.

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