What would you say if…

I told you I was a medium with psychic abilities?

Would you automatically discredit it?

Does the Science say otherwise?

Is it out of your comfort zone to acknowledge something that may or may not be based on evidence/facts?

“Believing is seeing!”

Until we open our minds to the world outside of our own, beliefs will continue to be a no-no for table talk.

What if I said people over think too much and feel too little…

We live in a society where everything is questioned and we are taught to doubt the very God given right that we are born with.

A little thing called instinct. “Listen to your gut!”

Is it far fetched to want to live in a world where all of the above is acknowledged/accepted?

That there is some truth in all beliefs?

Why don’t some spend a bit more time digging for those roots?

Are they afraid of what they might find?

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