I sold my soul…

Don’t worry you don’t have too…

If it counts for anything, my 8yr old self did it with the best intentions.

From what I read the average soul goes for $540,000-1.8 million; according to a quick Google search.

But money wasn’t my motive and it sure wasn’t fame.

My innocent mind didn’t truly grasp the understanding of God, the Devil, Heaven, or Hell. The Basic Christianity principles.

God didn’t appear to exist in my “hell” on Earth.

I’m sure most can agree, no matter your background; that we have a soul, an essence, or we are simply comprised of more that just our flesh.

So am I damned?! I ponder 🤔…

My motive was actually selfless if it counts.

But all pathways to hell are filled with good intentions, right?

My motive: I simply wanted to help others, make a huge difference, and survive.

Can you imagine a world in which a child would damn themselves for eternity simply to survive when they felt they could not on their own?

Is that forgivable?

Am I possessed? Do I require an exorcism?

Definitely interested to hear different concepts on this.

My advice…

Don’t do it.

This world is comprised of much more than what meets the eye.

Most of which the human mind fails to grasp.

Believe in the unbelievable.

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