Is this the “One”?!

Have I finally encountered the connection between all of the religions I just seem to be drawn to?

… “the connection between the soul and the breath.”

But some may not even consider it a religion? Just a similarity rooted in all religious beliefs?


Everything is connected…

Dating back to our barbaric days in which drawings depicted us as having a “soul” or simply something else inside of us.

Knowing we are more than our physical.

Still rooted in all belief systems to this day.

Not only are we all connected, but is this the connection?

Is this actually the beginning of all core religious beliefs?

Knowing that there is something much greater within us all.

Simply understanding that there is a greater purpose or that everything that is living, is in fact living purposeful.

Regardless of the details, there lies a core belief of the plurality of souls, spirits, or consciousnesses.

Is this the base?!

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  1. An intriguing thought!


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