A bit about my current beliefs…

To start off I might add that some of my beliefs may contradict.

Or, maybe, I just haven’t stumbled across a religion that encompasses them all, quite yet?!

This is not to say mine are right and someone else’s are wrong.

Just looking to mark my beginning in my journey and expound upon as I go.

Maybe even just find similar persons.

To begin, I truly believe that there is ONE God. This God may go by different names to some but is all encompassing.

I believe that reincarnation is real. I believe only some remember past lives. Maybe that is because their journey was never complete or it is necessary to guide them in their current life. I believe humans come back as humans. I believe we look similar in each life.

Hence “familiar faces”…

I believe in the spirit realm coexisting and influencing our realm more than we realize. Just like they say children or the “innocent” are more prone to seeing ghosts or the supernatural.

As we age, adults seem to become more and more closed-minded or set in their ways. This inhibits our natural abilities. We are taught to doubt ourselves to stay “normal” or acceptable in a society that is quite lost.

I do believe in the concept of good and bad. Right and wrong. Light and dark. But, these lines are skewed and some see them differently.

I believe magic 🪄 exists in everything.

I believe some people are truly gifted with special abilities, but most don’t believe or understand.

We struggle fathoming things outside our normal realm.

I believe it takes the forgiveness of those we have wronged to move on in our afterlife.

I don’t know if I would use the words Heaven and Hell, but once we have made peace and have Chosen God, it is determined if we go to the equivalent of each.

I think we find our strength in Nature. Connecting with our Earth and living cohesively is necessary.

All living things have a purpose.

We as a society are typically focused on the wrong things in life. We lose sight of the “bigger picture”.

You don’t have to have a church to be connected to God.

Although once our hearts are open; our “people” seem to find us.

Every situation good or bad is a result of a decision you’ve made along the way.

This isn’t to say people deserve bad to happen or pain in their lives, but we are not given more than we can bear. These situations guide us, teach us, and ultimately strengthen us for what’s to come.

Sharing beliefs and ideology is the way to connect us on a whole new level.

We are not meant to be divided. I believe it is a choice.

Thoughts 💭?!

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