Where to begin?!

Absolutely fascinating…intriguing!

What is typically frowned upon in one part of the world as possible mental illness or even possession, is revered in another!

This is what I’m talking about. While all opinions considered, where do yours originate? What research and consideration was applied?

Gifted/special/chosen individuals that have a lifetime of suffering until they follow their path. Abilities demonstrated since young childhood and still mistaken as ill.

Is it because we fear the unknown?

Is it because of what we are raised to believe?

Is it intuition?

If we as a society were to open our minds for a second to believe the “Impossible is possible,” maybe we could actually grow as a civilization.

To be tormented with no choice; all to help save and guide your people is without question honorable.

To be a medium, clairvoyant, and lead your people into the afterlife?!? How scary and enlightening that must be.

The question must be asked, in Western societies, are we drugging our prophets and healers?


  1. You remind me a lot about me as I started to question the status quo. Since I have become a Reiki Master and energy healer and had a great shaman teacher that taught me the way of shamanism and doing my own shamanic journeys. To come into our own we often have to unlearn what has been taught as those are the values of others and not our own. Only the courageous don’t shy away from shamanism, ancestral trauma work, healing the shadow self and the inner child. Best wishes on your Journey. 💙🙏🏼


    1. Well it’s nice to meet you. Refreshing to hear about others on the same journey. How did you find your teacher? Happy to hear you have come so far. Gives me hope! 😊

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      1. We have never met in person but energy work doesn’t require such and works through vibrations. We met through this very blog and been soul sisters for the past 3 years. 🤗

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