It is not necessary

We do not have to change the beliefs of others just because they are different than ours.

There most be some truth found in all.

But… if we could open our minds to hear other’s’ truths, we could stop the division!

Can we learn from one another without the hate or fear?


  1. jim- says:

    Maybe you’re not looking far enough. It isn’t which beliefs divide, it is belief itself that divides. one thing that makes me think none of this is real is because belief is the prevalent mode of operation. Beliefs are not necessary when you have truth, or fact.
    Religion has capitalized on natural characteristic of the game, convincing us it is real with real consequences due to our gullible nature. As you know, people will believe anything.
    Until humanity can overcome belief mode we will never be capable to wield potential of self governance.


    1. There is knowledge we have yet to gain. Until we have truly unlocked the mysteries of the Universe we can not simply rely on facts. Hope and strength are typically found in beliefs and these beliefs are rooted in some fact. It’s been proven that certain things cannot simply be explained away by Science. My thoughts are to not write anything off just yet. Growth thru expansion. But your ideology is refreshing.

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      1. jim- says:

        Thank you. It’s ok to believe, but believing-in something is what leads to trouble.
        Faith is a natural, temporary waypoint to prove a premise. Religion has made belief the pinnacle of the religious experience and it is literally just a way of thinking that has no merit one way or the other. A conviction of thought in a guess.
        It’s amusing, really.
        I certainly wouldn’t write anything off. But if you decide to believe you will never know the possibilities.


      2. What possibilities do you feel are hindered in belief? May I ask if you have always felt this way or discovered it along the way?

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      3. jim- says:

        I discovered this along the way and no, I haven’t always thought this way.
        As long as belief exists, you can never find the unknown, which is what you are seeking; you cannot think about the unknown, thought cannot measure it. The mind is the product of the past, it is the result of yesterday. Can such a mind be open to the unknown? It can only project an image, but that projection is not real; so your beliefs are not real, it is an image of your own making. This is actually the image of the Hebrew god. This is idolatry.
        Our minds are easily distracted. When we believe we form images in our minds. As you’ve probably noticed, a believer will believe (whether religious or political) against mountains of conflicting evidence. It really doesn’t matter what side you pick, both choices are wrong and both choices are roadblocks.
        And belief? Belief is the greatest koan ever presented. What is it you’re looking for, if I may ask?


      4. I seek knowledge and understanding. I feel as though in a lot of cases religion divides us and I don’t feel that should or was suppose to be the purpose. People seem so willingly to cast away those that feel differently from them, but I feel there is a possibility to unite us all if we could find similarities in our beliefs and simply celebrate our differences instead.
        Understanding the thought processes of others is quite fascinating.

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      5. jim- says:

        Here is some food for thought.
        I am an atheist because there are no deities. But there is something.


      6. I appreciate your perspective. What are your thoughts on that “something”?


      7. jim- says:

        In order to answer that you must take whichever philosophy you are drawn to and reason it all the way back. Back past tradition and the typical comfort zones and we find we cannot escape this one glaring fact; that we are the origination of it all. In science “we” are the Big Bang, not separate from it as we are lead to feel. We (the all) are not simply the result of a cosmic event, but we are that event still happening.
        Or in abrahamic tradition, that we are basically visitors here on probation, allowed to exist through the sufferance and mercy of a king, while really we are simply apertures of the whole organism. How could you be separate from it?
        In wu wei they teach that what is sought is the seeker. That the seeker and the sought are one in the same and is why it cannot be found. It’s all right here in plain sight. It’s you
        One thing that draws me to shamanism is you are not left holding an empty bag at the end. It is not a belief system but a skill set that is entertaining and rewarding all in itself. Buddhism and Hinduism can often leave you empty at the end. That is why the teachers and gurus always insist you develop a skill. It gives you character and a way to express what we observed in the experience. Without that life can become flat and unproductive, or destructive. Shamanism is rich in practical knowledge and is joyous in its own right, devolved by its usefulness. But, I’d follow whatever suits your desire. But don’t follow too directly because you already have what your looking for. Trust you gut, your instinct. It has the backing of evolution and is right more often than not. That something which you seek is the seeker. The seeker is the sought. It’s the same in Buddhic and Hindu thought.
        From the Kogi to the Kofan, the Babaylan to the Toltec and Native American shamans, this is universal. That you’re it. The terms are a little different but they all are describing the same thing.

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