Is it Spiritualism?

I would love to know the religious beliefs of Native Americans…

Doing some research it is a bit confusing.

From my understanding depending on location the beliefs did vary.

Christianity did heavily influence their ideology, but many of their beliefs were simply passed down orally through family members.

Anyone familiar that could share some thoughts 💭

It’s a bit sad that that their culture, beliefs, and history aren’t celebrated or shared more.


  1. jim- says:

    Before Michael garner passed away he assembled the largest collection of shamanistic teaching and ritual. He called it “core shamanism”, which had a common thread throughout the indigenous world. Really it’s quite fascinating. Although I don’t think Harner was right about everything, he certainly painted a broad picture of independent, world wide beliefs that developed through their utility.
    Crazy Horse was not only a great warrior, but a great shaman as well. His teaching, along with Black Elk and the Native American medicine wheel were not primitive or ignorant ignorant in their philosophies, but rivaled the great thinkers in Buddhism and Hinduism about the world as one. Some of the terms are a little different, but the ideas run congruent with them, as well as the Aztec shamans and the Babaylan of the Philippines and others.

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    1. jim- says:

      Correction —Michael Harner


    2. Interesting read for sure. Just did a quick search and def will look into more. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. What do you feel he wasn’t correct about?

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      1. jim- says:

        I’ll let you decide. Part of the problem rests in people that are deeply into it think he’s superficial. I asked, so then, where does one start? Good point, she said. Let me know what you think or do a post. I’ll follow you.


  2. I most certainly will. Haven’t stopped reading on “Shamanism” since you left the comment.


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