Is there anyone else out there?


I’ve always thought of myself as Christian…

But what if we lived in a world not divided by religion.

What if instead religion United us all?

Is it possible to share our ideas/beliefs and come together despite our differences. To accept, embrace, and understand where each one of us is coming from?

Is there a “Mega Religion”?

Soul Contracts

Before we begin, in this journey called life, do we actually agree to the adventure ahead?

I think this is a fabulous concept.

This concept gives us Power in a world where we may sometimes feel powerless.

It also gives us reassurance in our capabilities.

God promises to not give us more than we can bear.

The commitment to the process will see us through no matter what journey we are on.

Do we agree that Soul Contracts are real?

Can you believe that we actually signed up for this?! 😆

Familiar Spirits

Personal demons of witches or those that consulted the devil?!

Interesting take on spirits to say the least.

Does the majority believe that the existence of spirits on Earth is nonexistent?

Or…are they simply the alter ego of the individual?

Not possessed, but bonded to an individual.

🤔 intriguing 🧐

Is America really founded on the Christian “God”?!

Or did Satanism come to America with the original 13 colonies?

Think about it. Does the Christian God, “In God We Trust” really belong next to the Illuminati symbol on our money?!?!

I don’t think Christians understand that “God” means different things to different people. Respectfully, I only ever thought of One God before doing some research.

Also, I recently read about the Satanic Panic, and all the unfounded claims of ritualistic abuse, symbols, exploitation of children, and acts of physical violence without evidence.

But if our roots, our governing body, the corruption in our Society went much deeper than what the average person even dreamt of, could this “Panic” run much deeper than we thought as well?!?

It’s quite convenient that for a given period in our history, all of these children shared similar stories with no other similarities between them.

How our law enforcement, FBI, etc we’re involved and no real evidence was found?!?!

All stories are founded in some truth.

But was the truth ever really embraced?

Or swept under the rug by someone or something much larger than the average American?


Religion is just a way for our ancestors to pass down valuable lessons to the masses.

Simplistic, but definitely accurate.

All credit to my son, Ayden…


“…God will protect his faithful people and punish all arrogant, violent, and evil nations.”

Have to say I have recently discovered this minor prophet and curiosity has struck.

Would you believe the Windigo is full?!

I have stumbled across a mythical creature I can’t seem to shake…

But, contrary to popular belief it didn’t appear as the starving horned creature it has been depicted to be.

It was actually a handsome older man, a leader of some sorts, that aged backwards into this mythical creature.

Well in my dream that is!

Could it be that with all of the depravity in todays society; even the mythical Windigo is full?

Or is it some other creature and my imagination has gotten the best of me.

According to belief, once you’ve seen it, the possession has already started.

If you believe in that sort of thing I suppose.

Is it possible there are mythical creatures?

Do the Native Americans have it right?

All things seem to be rooted in some truth.

Psychiatry even coined the term “Windigo Psychosis”.

Is there anyone that believes in the mystic mythical creatures so deeply rooted in our “other than Christianity” belief systems?!


Absolutely no disrespect to Islam, but an absolute admiration to those who stand up for their rights and their ability to choose.

It is devastating to say the least what has occurred to all involved.

I can’t fully speak on a religion, country, or situation that I do not completely understand, and I won’t begin to.

But hats off to our everyday heroes!


5th largest religion worldwide!

Monotheistic in its beliefs of an ultimate being or creator and it incorporates some pantheistic ideologies from my understanding.

Developed during times of religious persecution of Hinduism and Islam.

It’s principles rooted in truthfulness.

I completely agree with the ideology of “The Five Thieves”.

“Once truth starts to shine in a person’s heart, the essence of current and past holy books of all religions is understood by the person.”-Wikipedia

I have to say that definitely is something worth striving for.

Followers believe we are currently in an age of darkness, would you agree?!


If it wasn’t for the incident with the Sikh student that recently made headlines in the news for the injustice he faced on campus; I’m not sure I would have discovered this beautiful faith.


Ancient Celtic Paganism…

Polytheistic, fairies, mythical creatures, and over 400 Gods.

I think I found what I was looking for…


Welsh, who what have thought. I’ve chosen my next language to learn, but I’m not quite sure if I should choose the Northern or Southern dialect.

Where do I find credible resources to learn these beliefs and practices?

Esoteric Christianity

Filled with secrecy…

That must be learned or one must be trained to understand.

Still taught in a few modern churches.

Scripture from the 12 original apostle’s.

How does one learn these traditions?!


Fascinating 🧐

Approximately 250,000 members still in existence.

The belief that it’s members have gifts passed down to them from ancient times.

A mix of Christianity, Occultism, and Judaism…

One of the few ancient cults still in existence today.

Believed to be linked to the Freemasons, Illuminati, and the rulers/geniuses of the world.

Shall I apply to become a member?!

How are they chosen?

What’s that selection process like?

I can’t imagine that everyone is just accepted.

Why isn’t this spoken about?!

Telling “your” story

What is the primitive driving force within us that wants to be heard?

Having our story told with accuracy is simply invaluable.

I imagine it being a victorious moment of freedom.

But would it be better to step back and allow the stories to circulate, for someone else to speak for you?

Or is it simply unjust to leave the rumors be?

Would your story inspire?

Would your story change the course of events set forth?

Would the accuracy expose the lies?

Would the truth shatter whatever it touches?

Mind blowing?!

But significant.

Simply finding meaning out of precarious situations life has thrown at you has value.

Wear your scars proudly and choose to voice your truth, no matter how scary it might be.

You never know who may be watching from a distance.

I was wrong

The world is an absolutely beautiful place…

Filled with some of the most incredible, intricate things,


And People.

The few will never out number the many.

Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and what was; that we forget the beauty all around us!

Tonight I was reminded of that beauty.

As I watched a sunset with my son dancing in the rain; I have to say it was the most beautiful thing I have witnessed in a while.

All things are possible through God…