Is there anyone else out there?


I’ve always thought of myself as Christian…

But what if we lived in a world not divided by religion.

What if instead religion United us all?

Is it possible to share our ideas/beliefs and come together despite our differences. To accept, embrace, and understand where each one of us is coming from?

Is there a “Mega Religion”?

You have to know thy enemy…

You can not defeat what you do not fully understand.

I believe this may be where we failed in the past.

Being afraid of coming so close to evil and becoming it.

But God’s people shall not fear.

For You are protected here!

And so the 200,000 shall RISE…

Against all odds, with GOD on their sides, they will be victorious!

They say only the truest of true shall remain.

Does this mean what I think it does?!

Does this mean no prisoners, no one comes out alive?!

Does this mean that God’s chosen people have to be so good that they make being bad look easy?!

Maybe some day we will find out…

Only God knows.

What if we ascended…

What if we already have everything inside of us that we need for all levels of life?

What if death in this life equates to leveling up or down in the next?!

With each level up we become this force to be reckoned with.

Each time we transition we become more in tune with ourselves on a level we never fathomed before.

What if life really is like some crazy video game?!

#ascending #levelup #awakened

Evolution vs God

What if it’s not vs but one in the same?!

Hear me out…

Every person is a part of the process of evolution. That’s a given.

But what if as we evolved; God our creator, played his part from the sidelines.

As we evolved we could hear his words, feel his presence, but we tuned him out just like we do our parents as we age.

So a part of our evolving was closing off the parts of our minds that allowed his voice and presence to ring clear in our worlds?

And as we awaken, it’s a stern voice that rings clear and loudly.

As we age he gives us free will to choose…

Will you choose to listen?!

#evolution #god #notversus #oneinthesame


Our self guided tour to other-worldly things…

Within the quieted mind, the universe speaks.

A magical experience all within ourselves.

Everyone seeks something different during meditation.

Peace, healing, silence, and balance; between body, mind, and soul.

What do you seek on your journey?!

#meditation #other-wordly #balance #soul

God Vs Science

#God #Science

In certain religious beliefs Science is respected and followed.

But is there room for God in Science?

Does it simply blend?

Both equally as important?

Do we value the teachings of Man more than God?

Or do we simply have Man’s teachings because of God?

Is Science our new religion?

Dr. Stephen Unwin calculated there is a 67% chance that God exists using a 200yr old formula.

What are your thoughts?!

What role should parents play in their children’s lives when it comes to religion?

#parenthood #religion

Is it the parents responsibility from birth to guide their children on their spiritual journey?

Do you believe parents should force a religion/belief system on their child?

Where is the line drawn?

Should a child be able to freely explore spirituality?

Do you give them the resources and allow them to conclude on their own?

What if your child has a different opinion?

What is the consensus?

Variations of Christianity

#christianity #45,000 #Denominations #monotheism

With over 45,000 denominations of Christianity world-wide; can we determine when, where, and why the separation began?

Is it the age-old-tale of just a difference of opinions?

Are some of these opinions, facts?

Do we base our ideology off of the Churches teachings, or simply The Bible?

Should our focus be on the major mainstream denominations or a combination?

As a Christian, how do you choose?

Are Churches corrupt?

Which version of the Bible is most accurate?

The New Testament acknowledges a God quite different than the Old Testament.

We are suppose to follow The Laws of The Land, but with things ever so changing, do we blindly follow?

Even if those Laws directly go against your Christian beliefs?

The line is quickly blurring…

Can we unite simply as Christians, acknowledging One True God?

Can you imagine what 2.38 billion people can do, if they work together?!

Do they hold the key?!

Are the secrets to the world and all religions, kept in our ancient languages?

Did you know that we lost over 230 languages in 60yrs?

There are several Languages with less than a 1,000 speakers.

How do we solve the world’s mysteries without them?

With today’s technology, can we recreate them?

33 million Gods…

But a recognition of one main God, Brahman, Henotheism.

The gods represent different expressions of Brahman.

I have to point this out because for the longest time, I’ve never related Hinduism to a monotheistic idea of God/Supreme.

I might add that it is acknowledged and/or accepted that each individual or community across the world celebrates a bit differently.

The world’s oldest religion/way of life and the 3rd largest.

Just a few things that I find pretty amazing:

Diwali…literally celebration of light/good winning!

Plus the food 🥰

Also most mantras/prayers are sung!

Can’t even begin to say I know even a little about this way of life, but to those that do, I hope your celebrations with friends and family are phenomenal!

What is the most misunderstood religion?!

A quick search and the number one answer is Islam?!

The ones that fear, fear the extremists, not the majority.

Some believe the religion is outdated, and even a bit primitive.

Despite the misunderstandings, Islam continues to be the fastest growing religion.

What has caused the rise in followers suddenly?

Does Islam have the answers?

#Islam #misunderstood #fastestgrowing

Folk Magic

More questions than answers…

Does the place of origin redirect the beliefs or structure?!

Or is all witchcraft similar?

What are the basic constructs of the magical world?

Where are the roots?

Pardon my ignorance. Just truly intrigued.