Is there anyone else out there?


I’ve always thought of myself as Christian…

But what if we lived in a world not divided by religion.

What if instead religion United us all?

Is it possible to share our ideas/beliefs and come together despite our differences. To accept, embrace, and understand where each one of us is coming from?

Is there a “Mega Religion”?

What role should parents play in their children’s lives when it comes to religion?

#parenthood #religion

Is it the parents responsibility from birth to guide their children on their spiritual journey?

Do you believe parents should force a religion/belief system on their child?

Where is the line drawn?

Should a child be able to freely explore spirituality?

Do you give them the resources and allow them to conclude on their own?

What if your child has a different opinion?

What is the consensus?

Do you believe in Baptizing?!

#christianity #baptism

If you do, should it be at birth?

If not birth then at the age of 12, or when they can choose?

If we are born into sin, is that our only protection/defense?

If you don’t believe in baptism or birth rituals; would you consider still practicing?

Just to be safe?

Variations of Christianity

#christianity #45,000 #Denominations #monotheism

With over 45,000 denominations of Christianity world-wide; can we determine when, where, and why the separation began?

Is it the age-old-tale of just a difference of opinions?

Are some of these opinions, facts?

Do we base our ideology off of the Churches teachings, or simply The Bible?

Should our focus be on the major mainstream denominations or a combination?

As a Christian, how do you choose?

Are Churches corrupt?

Which version of the Bible is most accurate?

The New Testament acknowledges a God quite different than the Old Testament.

We are suppose to follow The Laws of The Land, but with things ever so changing, do we blindly follow?

Even if those Laws directly go against your Christian beliefs?

The line is quickly blurring…

Can we unite simply as Christians, acknowledging One True God?

Can you imagine what 2.38 billion people can do, if they work together?!

Do they hold the key?!

Are the secrets to the world and all religions, kept in our ancient languages?

Did you know that we lost over 230 languages in 60yrs?

There are several Languages with less than a 1,000 speakers.

How do we solve the world’s mysteries without them?

With today’s technology, can we recreate them?

33 million Gods…

But a recognition of one main God, Brahman, Henotheism.

The gods represent different expressions of Brahman.

I have to point this out because for the longest time, I’ve never related Hinduism to a monotheistic idea of God/Supreme.

I might add that it is acknowledged and/or accepted that each individual or community across the world celebrates a bit differently.

The world’s oldest religion/way of life and the 3rd largest.

Just a few things that I find pretty amazing:

Diwali…literally celebration of light/good winning!

Plus the food 🥰

Also most mantras/prayers are sung!

Can’t even begin to say I know even a little about this way of life, but to those that do, I hope your celebrations with friends and family are phenomenal!

Folk Magic

More questions than answers…

Does the place of origin redirect the beliefs or structure?!

Or is all witchcraft similar?

What are the basic constructs of the magical world?

Where are the roots?

Pardon my ignorance. Just truly intrigued.

Is there a war on Religion coming from within?!

Considering the current news on The Catholic Church, is the war coming from within?!

Do we just regard religious persons as human?

Comprised of flaws, mistakes, and bad judgment.

Or the closer to God, the bigger the attack from the enemy?

When our community resources are struggling from within; who do we turn to, who can we trust?!

Call of the void…

Sudden impulse then confirmation of your will to live.

Ever had an impulse to throw yourself into a void?

Although you would never rationally consider it, has the thought ever appeared?

Is that just a way for our minds to confirm our will to live?

Divine intervention?

Existence is suffering…


The path to awakening.

Can you imagine reaching Nirvana? Buddhahood?

Imagine having a willingness to endure suffering?

Through suffering we reach a level of understanding about compassion, patience, and our attachments to our worldly desires.

You can reach an ultimate state of heightened awareness?

To finally realize your true purpose?

I can see why this is one of the world’s largest religions…

Having basic principles, but other worldly outcomes.

A Universal possession of total knowledge and wisdom.

I do not believe my basic understanding of Buddhism can possibly do it justice.

If you had to choose forgiveness or revenge…

What would you choose?

One gives a temporary moment of relief. Followed by a lifetime of more anguish.

The other sets you free.

Do not validate your enemy by becoming what they have always accused you of being.

Sometimes I believe they crave maybe even feed off of your anger.

Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Let the world see them for what they really are…

Time will tell.

There will be no place for your enemy to hide.

Your peace and Gods timing will prove your truth.

Let them revel in their moment. It will not last…

“The closest to Heaven…”


Within driving distance of course…

Absolutely stunning!

Among all of the chaos in today’s society, it’s quite refreshing.

My son stated, “it is surreal!”

Breath taking views and travelers from all over.

How could we not flock to see the Chapel on the cliff side?

Is researching other religions anti-Christian?

I heard a man call it “itchy ears”…

That it is the Devil causing you to stray.

That the reason Christians seek answers outside of the Bible is to get the answers they want instead of the truth.

What are your thoughts đź’­?!

Is it truth seeking or devilish?